Delivering delicious fruit baskets to business across Leicestershire

Treat your staff to fresh, healthy fruit. Promote health & wellbeing within the office. Loughborough, Leicestershire.

Fruit baskets are the perfect way to promote health & motivation of your employees.

Healthy Snacks

FruitForWork deliver the freshest seasonal baskets of fruit, direct to your desk - a great healthy snack for your employees, promoting a healthily lifestyle & wellbeing.

No Plastics

All fruits come as nature intended, not a shred of plastic in sight. Nothing to dispose of ... well, other than the odd banana skin or apple core!

Fresh fruit baskets across Leicestershire - free trial fruit baskets

Free trial basket

We're so confident that you'll love our fresh fruit baskets, that we'd love you to try a free basket with our compliments.

Health Snacking

Providing fresh fruit instead of refined sweet treats, is the perfect way to promote healthy living.

Environmentally Friendly

Fruits have a natural wrapper, and that's where we leave it - absolutely no plastics! We deliver fruits in a wicker basket, which we collect & reuse.

Fresh fruit baskets for the workplace

We have a number of popular seasonal fruit baskets available, or we're happy to create the basket of your choice.
All of our fresh fruit baskets are seasonal, so that you receive the very best selection every week.


30-40 pieces of delicious seasonal fruit
in a reusable wicker basket.


40-50 pieces of delicious seasonal fruit
in a reusable wicker basket.


70-80 pieces of delicious seasonal fruit
in a reusable wicker basket.

Prices are inclusive of delivery. VAT is zero-rated.

About FruitForWork

We've been fruit merchants for over 40 years, starting on market stalls before moving into self service fruit shops on the high street.

Buying and selling fresh produce is more than a job it's a way of life ... with early mornings, long days and cold winters.

As the supermarkets continue to expand and kill off high street independent retailers, we thought ... 'wouldn't it be a great idea to deliver fresh fruit, directly into the workplace !'

The rest as they say, is history.

Did you know ... ?

Each workplace fruit basket starts its journey at 4am each morning,
when we collect the freshest of seasonal produce from the markets.

FruitForWork is simple!

1. Select your basket

Simply pick the right fruit basket for you & tell us when you'd like it.

2. We make it up, freshly!

We make your fruit basket up on the morning of delivery, no waiting around - totally fresh & seasonal!

3. We deliver - you enjoy!

We deliver your seasonal fresh fruit basket to your door, reception, even desk if you'd prefer - it's all part of our personal service.

4. We collect & replace

And then, when all the fresh fruit is gone, we'll collect the reusable basket & replace with another full basket!
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